May 21st

Well we had some bad luck in the heat and had to go to the B.. Started on the pole and took 4th , Started 22nd in the A and finished 10th . Not a bad night for the first full night at a new track and first full race with the 270 !

April 1st

Chey was at Lindas speedway. It was a awesome night of racing . She starter 4th in the heat and finished 3rd . This gave her a starting spot of 5th in the A main and she finished 4th . There were 16 cars in the 125s and 12 in the A not a bad finish for her first time at Lindas. 

March 26th 2016

Chey's first race at Trailways and in the 270 class 37 cars showed for the event, She did very well started 8th in the heat they took 5 and she finished 5th to make it to the A , started 18th and the motor let go in the first lap! It was a great day and she learned a lot..Big thanks to our team and Brian Marriott and his team. Also thanks to Bob Ford for coming out !

April 23rd

Well we were at airport in the 125 , Had a pretty good night took 3rd in the heat and started 2nd in the A with the invert. Stayed up front for a little while until yeah we got took out ! Oh well found a big problem with the car thanks to some friends at the track and we will be back at it ...

June 4th Airport Speedway 3rd place in the Sportsman 250 class !

​May 14th 

Chey started her 250 sportsman class tonight and it was the right move ! Started last in the heat and took 4th started 4th in the A and was running in third until she put the car into the wall comming out of turn 4 from hitting a big rutt.. She was carried out in a medic unit but was released the same night.. We will be back at it on the 21st ...

Cheyenne Robicheaux Racing 11G