Cheyenne with her new Rts 600 Supporting the 9/11 memorial 

Our team is the best ! my big Sis Samantha drives part time when she is not in her full size Sprint car.. My other team mates from R&S Motorsports are Sydnie and Brodie Shifflett 


​Well I have a ton of people that follow me on Facebook and with my campaign , I usually have a friend with me at the track every week for support and of course my friends that I have met at the track. Maddison , Samantha , Wayne Jr, Amanda , Lavar and people that have helped 

me Like Andy & Chris from AC Racing , Allen from Jp Racing , Brian Marriott , Bob Ford Mr Bill Drill , Kenny Andreas and Chris Turner !

Family is important to me in so many ways and it shows in my crew . My Pop Pop is my tire guy my Uncle Geep is my fuel guy , My brother Nick does what ever I tell him , My mom  does all the administration work and my Dad is my crew Chief and owner of both of our cars . On race day its a true family affair with everybody at the track  just about every week.


Team mates

Some pics from Saturday at the 9/11 ride ! All graphics done by Bill Harris of Creative touch Graphix ! What a day it was ... NEVER FORGET 

Cheyenne Robicheaux Racing 11G

​​​​Welcome to our site ! Here you will find information about Cheyenne Robicheaux &

Racers against Bullying. Cheyenne is a 16 year Micro sprint driver that has a

passion for cars and racing.  And has a heart of gold . Please enjoy looking through

her site and all the pictures . We keep the site updated daily with events, pictures

and info about her racing. Please visit the sponsor page as well for if it wasn't for

them this would not be possible ! We had a busy season in 2016.

She attended races at Airport Speedway, Lindas Speedway, Lanco and Trailways !

We might even do a few races at Bridgeport.  All of her dates are on her schedule

page. We are looking forward to another busy season.