Bulling is a huge problem and Chey wanted to help spread the word about it !

In 2015 Cheyenne lost a friend to suicide , This young lady took her own life because she was being bullied and felt that this was the only way to make it stop. This really hit home with Chey because she was a victim of Bulling ! When she was in middle school she had kids pick on her for being heavy and by a teacher for always talking about racing the teacher would pull her aside and tell her to stop lying. Well we took care of that ! And the bulling eventually stopped. When this young lady took her life it really hit home with Chey . They were in tech class together and were planning on doing some things together in the upcoming years, When this happened Chey said she wanted to dedicate this racing season to her and asked if we could do her car in a anti bulling schem ! 

Ofcouse I said yes and it was started Racers against Bullying , We did her car up had shirts made and decals,, Then we started this web site , Well it took off Chey has been invited to three shows in the off season were we handed out over 500 decals and 100 shirts with her custom logo. We will continue to hand out literature , decals and shirts as long as we can afford it , She has more meet and greets through out the year and we always seem to raise enough money to keep it going . Please continue to follow Chey through out the season and off season for she wants to run the campaign until her message is heard around world ! 

 1 (800) 273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: 24 hours, 7 days a week.



my rant about bullying 
please read all. 
so some of us might not know what bullying is , the definition of bullying means : Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems. 
basically , we use all of our words and actions over and over just to see a person upset or put they down..
as I was searching what bullying means it gave me a chart. the chart was over time of bullying, it was very low from the 1800 it got high as soon as the 2000 came. when we talk to our parents about bullying they always say " it was never this bad when we were kids" and it's true.

why do we all bully people? yes we all probably have bullied and we might of not notice or cared I know I did and I regret it. when we say hurtful things to another person or make fun of them and keep doing it again and again that's bullying. what if the kid who doesn't have the best looks or clothes is going through a lot at home? and we keep picking & teasing at him and make his self esteem go very low, he feels alone and no one seems to care. then the next month in school we hear he kilt him self last night. all of a sudden you care. but you were a target of why he did it? you would feel bad, correct??

why do we want to make others feel bad, remember the saying" treat others how you want to be treated"? some of us don't think of that. bullying hurts people in so many ways , physical & emotional. people feel Lonely not good enough and worthless. the ones who get bullied start hurting there self by self harming , burning their self or more that's their relief of tension it takes away their bad feelings when it shouldn't, and that's why bullying needs to stop..... 
some people even start thinking death threats .

most the time it seems like bullying is created just to fit in . people think it's "cool" or "funny" bullying isn't just teasing its also social. if you embarrass someone spread rumors or cutting someone off. bullying can be physical as well. most of the time it seems like it's social . bullying is definitely isn't okay. it hurt others and we don't seem to realize.

if this bullying doesn't get better imagine our future kids generation and how worse it can get.. if you see someone get picked at or teased or anything we should just tell a adult right away, because is it worth a life to give away or someone to feel unwanted? they might not be the best person you like but imagine if they left this world you could of prevented that from happening.

I been bullied before and it's the absolute worst feeling, you feel so empty you feel as no one cares for you and no one wants you hear. you think everyone that looks at you talks about you. bullying really needs to stop people are ending their life from that. our parents wouldn't be proud of they caught us bullying would they? I hope this helps everyone change their thought and actions on the next thing they decided to say.

This was written by one of my great freinds named Rosa Ramirez 

​What a special young lady ! 

Wrote by Rosa Ramires

Cheyenne Robicheaux Racing 11G